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“We produce friendly solutions with nature”

Aras Kağıtçılık as all our factory develops and produces custom, high quality printed corrugated packaging solutions to our customer. Continuous customer focus, customer satisfaction based on our product portfolio based on the demands, high standards of environmentally friendly production, our company's strengths. 100% of our products are transformed and offered to our customers.

Aras Kağıtçılık

Why choose us?

Aras Kağıtçılık we follow the sectoral needs in the light of the latest technological developments. In line with your needs, we give our valuable products to our valued customers; We offer custom size, qty and supply times.


Every day we expand our product range, we contribute to the development of the market in the process we serve.


Aras Kağıtçılık products are less environmentally friendly.


Aras Kağıtçılık produces products with higher resistance to tear.

Professional Team

We increase the value of the packaged product to the distribution channel or to the consumer during the delivery process with the professionally selected packaging material..

Aras Kağıtçılık

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